10. de Vries Smectic Phases

We study a class of liquid crystals which shows 1% layer contractions [4] without any coordinated molecular tilt, known as deVries smectics. The materials used has an organosiloxane end-group and 5-phenylpyrimidine core and was recently reported as having a maximum 1.6% layer contraction. Small-angle x-ray study performed at MuCAT employed a ~0.5T magnetic field to induce alignment of the nematic director. The sample showed a 1% layer shrinkage and a relatively low orientational order parameter in comparison with the conventional SmA phase. Generally, the conventional SmA phase has S ~ 0.7 - 0.8, but the deVries SmA phase in this compound has S = 0.48. The large angle peak from a monodomain sample reveals a jump in and sharpening of the large angle peak at the transition to the SmC phase, supporting the diffuse cone model.





Figure. X-ray diffraction patterns and azimuthal diffraction profiles for small- and large- angle diffraction peak. After transition to SmC phase, a large angle diffraction peak shifted with an angle and the angle increased with decreasing temperature.

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