6. Photo-Voltaic Discotic Liquid Crystals

In recent years, many attempts and achievements have been reported based on the controllable orientational and positional order of liquid crystalline material for organic semiconducting devices such as photovoltaic cells, electroluminescent displays, and field effect transistors. Both calamitic and discotic LCs are intensively studied for this purpose. Especially discotic columnar LC exhibits significantly enhanced carrier mobility along the column axis resulting in positionally ordered one-dimensional semiconducting wire. We currently focus on the study of


 Phase structures on the discotic nano-aggregates formed from self-assembled porphyrin liquid crystals

 Macroscopic control of the orientational order of discotic columns

 Photoconducting properties of discotic LC compounds


by suing micro-focus monodomain synchrotron x-ray diffraction, conventional XRD for aligned samples, polarizing optical microscopy, electrical/electro-optical measurements, etc.


Nature inspired light-harvesting liquid crystalline porphyrins for organic photovoltaics, L. Li, S.-W. Kang, J. Harden, Q. Sun, X. Zhou, L. Dai, A. Jakli, S. Kumar, and Q. Li, Liq. Cryst., 35, 233-239 (2008).

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